Colour of our Bedroom can help in bringing love and happiness in our life

Colours play a very important role in our lives.

Especially, our bedroom which we often call our haven. It’s our personal sanctuary and choice of colours should be such which help us evolve in our day to day life and induce right amount of sleep. Can we imagine a world where everything was just blue or pink ?  Maybe, may not be. Colours can change our fate according to Vaastu and Feng Shui. Bedroom colour effects love and happiness. Let’s see how some colours can affect our lives….


Green symbolise good hope. Green colour also represents fertility and healing. When painted in a bedroom, this colour can have magnetic effect in lives of the indwellers. Also, couples who are having problems conceiving a baby can also try getting their bedroom being painted green. Green colour brings in hope and healing and is very soothing for the mind. After a long day at work or other pressing issues, your bedroom can be your sanctuary.


Red symbolises passion and bravery. Since this colour is loaded with emotions, it should be avoided in the bedrooms. However, if your heart for this colour, it should be balanced with light pastels. One wall of your room can be painted with the red colour, whilst other balancing it with neutral tones.


Yellow colour signifies patience and wisdom. This is indeed a powerful colour and is extremely intense in its purest form – this colour signifies energy. Whilst bright tones of this colour is recommended for places like study and kids room, for a bedroom it should be light in its shade as it balances the energy and evokes love and harmony.


White is for peace and intensity. this colour brings in clarity and focus. People have a notion that pure white room is great, however, it is a metal colour and too much white can actually hamper a good night sleep. This colour should always be balanced with some colours. In case, you like it all white, make sure to decorate your room with some colourful art pieces or similar to balance out the intense metal energy.


Beige is the colour of harmony and love. It represents the element of earth and it should be balanced with fiery tones; those of reds, purples and pinks. A bedroom, when balanced according to Vaastu or Feng Shui palette, can create wonders in an individual’s life. Also, this colour can affect your sleep cycle in a positive manner promoting almost a very soundf sleep.


Orange represents beauty and power. This colour gives all – comfort, reassurance and also enhances spirituality and power. This colour invokes happy feelings and love, hence it is an apt colour to be used in a bedroom or master bedroom.


Pink is harmony and joy, ecstasy in its purest form. Pink is also the colour of love and happiness and it helps enhance the mood of the indweller of a bedroom whose walls are painted pink in colour. Most of the shades of this colour are suitable for master bedrooms and ushers in a lot of positivity.


Black is a very heavy colour for a bedroom, but it sure is not something you cannot experiment with. If an individual’s heart is set on this colour, the other walls should be painted in happy pastels colours to avoid the heaviness and strike a balance. Generally, when a bedroom wall is painted in black, it is the back wall of your bed. This provides a lot of grounding force in your day to day life.


Blue colour promotes tranquillity, development and growth. A bedroom painted with any shade of blue can evoke very positive effect in an individual’s or a couple’s life. However, if it’s an extremely dark shade you have used in your bedroom, you should strike a balance with subtle tones to make it perfect. A hue of Blue is always a better choice for the bedroom.


Job does not give life a meaning

People would be a lot happier with the job they had if they were happier with themselves outside of their job. We have seen steady decline in job satisfaction, no matter if the employment rate is very high or very low, and even when most people have control over their time and their workload, they still report that they are unhappy in their jobs.

People do not like work because they don’t like their personal life. And the key to being happy at work is not so much finding the perfect career as it is finding yourself. The more self-knowledge you have the happier you will be. So stop looking at your job to solve your problems and instead look inside yourself. Make friends with yourself and with other people, and your job, whatever it is, might start looking better because you’re not asking so much from it.

If you are looking to your job for the meaning of life, forget it. Even people who feed starving children have crisis of meaning. (For example, what is the point of feeding one child when six will die?) The meaning of life is elusive and you must put in a lot of time and energy to find meaning in your life.

The job hunt is separate. The job is something you have to do to support yourself. Since you’re going to be doing it for a good portion of your life, you should look for some basics: People who respect you and your personal life. A company that is honest. A job that uses your skills and experience. A job that challenges your abilities without overwhelming you.

Work does not need to give your life a grand purpose in order to be a good experience. The most pleasurable work provides a perfect balance between too much and too little — in terms of both amount and difficulty

A career is like a mate. The relationship is limited by what you bring to the table. If you are not happy with yourself, you won’t be happy with the match-up. Here’s an analogy a friend once told me: You have to have the cake, and then the relationship is the icing. It doesn’t matter how good the icing is if there’s no cake to put it on. Who eats icing by itself ?

The part about you is the most important. What do you do when you’re alone? How do you feel about yourself? What are your core values and do you lead your life according to them each day? Do you numb yourself with food or TV or alcohol? It’s very hard to be honest about this stuff. Yet amazingly, people spend lots of time on locating a job and a mate and very little time locating themselves.

“Employees should not demand that companies imbue their lives with meaning,” “Employers and employees have something the other needs. One of the keys to a mutually beneficial relationship is a realistic understanding of what that something is.” A job does not give life a meaning.

In fact, online matrimonial is not a bad model for evaluating a job. For one thing, you should never write that you want a mate to make you feel fulfilled — that’s asking much too much from a single person. Yet we complain all the time that our jobs are not fulfilling.

Online Matrimonial services ask that you be as specific as possible in your desires. So try that for a job. Here’s what I would ask for in a job, and it’s the same thing I looked for in a spouse:
Consistent with my values
Leaves space for the other parts of my life

And here’s another thing about those lists: You are probably going to have it in your list to get your list. That’s why interesting people are at interesting companies. So be who you want to be instead of looking for a mate or a company to make you who you wish you were.