Ways to get your promotion

Get ready for your promotion

You’ve been in your job for several years now, and in your opinion, you’ve produced some pretty good work. You’re thinking, it’s time for advancement, but is your boss thinking the same? If you’re unsure, here are some ways you can prove to your boss you’re fit for a promotion:

Self-assess your performance

You need to take a hard look at every aspect of your performance before even dreaming to apply for a promotion. Your work ethic and attitude to perceptions of how your boss, co-workers, customers, clients, or suppliers views you matter the most. This is one of the most critical part of your promotion aspect. You really need to be very honest with yourself.

Give 150% effort –

Hard work will get you everywhere in your career. The best way to get your manager’s attention is to show them with quality work. Don’t cut corners. Go above and beyond to do a good job, regardless of the task.

Take the initiative 

People who desire promotion don’t wait to be asked to do something. They move out of their comfort zone, take it upon themselves by volunteering to do additional projects or assignments. This shows your interest and desire to help your department and company succeed.  If you know there is a project or task that needs to be tackled, take the initiative and get it done. This demonstrates your value in the organization. The best leaders are initiators.

Work as a team

Don’t be self-absorbed, step outside the bounds of your own interests and assist others when there’s a need. Go to them and offer your help. Take an interest in the people around you and be a team player that others can count on. Team skills are invaluable at all levels within an organization and necessary for a promotion. Team work can also help to get honest feedback from teammates.

Inovate new ideas-

Lead from the front, always think about how to do things better. Rather than accepting the usual ways think innovative ways how you can improve the performance of the organization. Demonstrates both your imagination and willingness to take risks. This can be a great way to set the stage for promotion.

Be a valuable contributor –

Every manager wants an employee that contributes value to their team. These are the people who are always thinking of ways to do things better. They proactively share ideas and solutions that make their team and the results they achieve stronger.

Set your promotion goals-

Be proactively and identify your career goals within the organization.Learn from the successful authorities in the organization. Ckeck the internal competition and put max effort to distinguish yourself from the rest. Set your goal and follow your strategies

Your ability to show concrete, quantifiable contributions to your organization with due honesty can help you tip the scales in your favour when time comes for a promotion.


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